Sterling Pro French Coffee Press 8 Cup

Sterling Pro French Coffee Press 8 Cup

Searching for a coffee maker that will consistently give you a great pot of coffee without it breaking the bank can feel a little overwhelming. How many times have you started looking and just gave up because you had absolutely no idea what the look for?

Probably more often than not, and you just pick up any old device that, ultimately, doesn’t live up to your expectations. Some of them leave excessive grounds in your coffee after using it, while others aren’t able to get hot enough, and then there are some that just isn’t able to give you the flavor that you were hoping for.

Couple Next to SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz)

With my experience with French coffee presses, I know that many people are in the same situation like me and have gotten fed up with the poor quality French Presses on the market. I’m here today to talk to you about my experience with Sterling Pro French Coffee Press, and how it’s changed the way I enjoy my coffee.

Some of the problems faced by a typical French Coffee press user is having to replace the pot somewhat frequently because the pot is quite fragile. Many people switch to other methods of coffee making because of this over the years, but with Sterling Pro French Press, you no longer have to worry about that!

About The Product

Sterling Pro was first listed on Amazon in 2013, and it was ranked pretty low in the kitchen and dining category on the site. However, in the following year, the press made enormous progress, and it is ranked among the top 15 of the site and in it is still ranked between the top three best seller coffee press on the platform.

Needless to say, this is a highly recommended (and preferred) coffee press among millions of coffee drinkers!


Some of the significant features that make Sterling Pro French Coffee Press 8 Cup the best choice for you include:

  • Unique exterior design
  • Heat resistant
  • ​Double screen filter
  • ​Smooth coffee with no ground
  • ​Extra placement screen
  • Holds 34 oz. of water
SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz) Next to a Cup

Sterling Pro comes with a unique exterior design that will make it a beautiful addition to your kitchen. The unit is made of a sturdy glass with a chrome casing. The chrome lid is an attractive feature. The glass carafe inside it is thick and fit firmly into the base of the French coffee press.

This glass carafe can be easily removed from the metal frame for easy cleaning. After removal, it can be washed with dishwasher without getting damaged. In a case the glass portion becomes damaged for whatever reason, you can purchase a replacement fairly easily.

Another important reason that makes this device different from others is that it is heat resistant. The glass used can withstand high temperatures over an extended period of use and not as other whose glass get exploded after a few wash cycles that weakens the glass and makes it explode when it is subjected to high temperatures.

This is the biggest problem faced by most French press user, but this is now being resolved with the advent of this unique and quality French press coffee release. The Sterling Pro is equipped with a double screen filter instead of the regular single filters that come with the most devices in its category. This filter is tightly fitted to the wall of the container so that any coffee ground in the coffee is eradicated before it has been consumed.

The screen works in such a way that the second screen acts like a back-up for first screen just in case any grounds happen to make it through first screen. This how the Sterling Pro solves this problem completely. This also makes it easy to use a finer coffee grind with this device because the second filter will catch them with ease.

Woman At Beach Enjoying Coffee from SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz)

What makes this device so reliable is that it is provided with additional two replacement screens so that when the screen gets damaged, you can easily replace said screen. This makes it so good that most customers appreciate it even more.

Off all the features of this device the size of coffee it can produce at a time is something that makes it beautiful because it can generate up to eight cups of coffee at a time and this make it excellent option for a heavy coffee drinker, a family of four, or even in the office.

What People Say About Sterling Pro French Coffee Press

Overall customers review of Sterling Pro French Coffee Press is that they feel that coffee brewed in the Sterling Pro French Coffee Press 8 Cup taste better because the brew retains a natural taste.

Some other customers explain the fact that the device serves them well compared to other devices whose coffee includes ruminant of grounds and makes coffee not as enjoyable to consume.

My Verdict

In conclusion, investing your money on a Sterling Pro French Coffee Press means you’re getting a great cup of coffee each and every time, without spending a small fortune.

SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz)

This device can also be a perfect gift for your family and friends because it will give them with the high quality brew and can last for a long time because of the thickness of the glass carafe. The double filter system is always a great advantage because most reviews confirm that it has always been so perfect in handling the issue.

You can get this unique product for a sale price of under $30. With this level of quality and service it provides, you can bet it is a great deal—especially when the normal price just under $70.00!

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