5 Things You May Not Know About Ristretto

5 Things You May Not Know About Ristretto

Most people need their fix of their preferred mild stimulant in the morning: caffeine. No matter how you get that fix, be it tea, coffee or a soft drink, many of us cannot wake up in the morning unless we have our needed dose of caffeine.

Coffee is the more popular option in North America and many other areas of the world, there is just something irreplaceable of the slightly bitter tones of your morning cup of coffee. Outside of North America, perhaps the most well known bastion of coffee lovers is in Italy.

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Italy is the home of some of our favorite kinds of coffee. Staples like cappuccino and espresso are Italian classics, so we coffee lovers owe a lot to them.

Of these coffee types, perhaps the most, stimulating, to-the-point kind of coffee you can drink is an espresso. The espresso is a spartan coffee, made to give you as much caffeine as it can in a small package, and there is certainly a charm to the more intense, direct flavor that you find in an espresso when compared to other, more diluted forms of coffee preparation.

Many people have heard of ristretto roasters or ristretto as a form of espresso, but we will try to explain in the most concise way possible.

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What Is Ristretto?

You may be wondering what is a ristretto shot, or a double ristretto. Ristretto is a form of espresso, and very often comes in the form of a double ristretto for reasons we will soon explain. Ristretto in Italian means restricted, and this is a fitting name, because a ristretto has a more restricted brewing process than your standard espresso.

Your typical espresso is brewed in 30 ml over a 30 second period. This creates the typical espresso flavor that most of us know and love. A double ristretto on the other hand consists of 30 ml of coffee which is brewed over a 15 second period, hence where the name ristretto comes from.

How To Make A Ristretto

This usually means that your barista will have to brew two 15 ml ristretto shots of espresso at the same time, as the brewing period must be 15 seconds, and this only give the machine enough time to make 15 ml, which is why most of the time a ristretto is actually a double ristretto, unless you prefer to drink only 15 ml of coffee.

Making Ristretto in a MAchine

Ristetto VS. Espresso

Ristretto vs. espresso is one of those timeless arguments that will usually end with neither side having changed their opinion.

While the process may sound difficult, there is really no over complication when compared to the typical way you would make an espresso. You are simply reducing the brewing time of an espresso to cut down on the acidity and the harsher flavors, so you are brewing two purer espressos in a shorter amount of time, necessarily resulting in the need to make two.

How Does It Taste?

Ristretto, due to the brewing process, contains a lot less of the acidic products that contribute to the bitterness of typical espresso. While the brewing process may result in slightly more labor, the outcome is a richer, sweeter tasting coffee which still has all the potency of your typical espresso.

More die-hard espresso fans will argue that the lack of acidity to a ristretto is exactly what shows its lack of character in comparison to espresso, but that is an argument for another time.

Ristretto is a good option if you do not want to use too much milk when making your coffees as it provides a way of sweetening the coffee simply by changing the brewing process instead of adding sugar, milk or other additives and potentially diluting the flavor of your coffee.

Product Options

50 Jones Brothers Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

These 50 Jones Brothers Nespresso coffee capsules are a good option to purchase if you would like to cut down on the cost of your coffee capsules every month. If you drink a lot of coffee, like we do, it can become a pretty expensive monthly cost.

50 Jones Brothers Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

This product is available for slightly less than many of its competitors so you can enjoy your Nespresso without breaking the bank. While these capsules may suffer from a lack of individual character when compared to much more pricey options for Nespresso capsules, the money you will save is certainly one of the best aspects to consider.

While the coffee may not be the most exciting that you have ever had, it is still certainly good espresso and will give you the required kick to get out of bed in the morning, it is simply not the fanciest coffee that you will find available on the market.

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Nespresso OriginalLine: Ristretto, 50 Count

This offering of Nespresso Ristretto is more expensive than the option from Jones Brothers, but the flavor is more dynamic and the brew is arguably more rich. These ristretto capsules will result in a brew that is well balanced and has the trademark sweetness of ristretto when compared to other Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso OriginalLine: Ristretto, 50 Count

These ristretto capsules are a great choice if you are looking for a well-defined potent ristretto in the morning without having to leave the house and go to a coffee shop. They will put your nespresso machine to good work in making a ristretto-style coffee worthy of any barista.

The only downside is the slightly higher price tag, but it is up to you whether you prefer a slightly better tasting coffee or slightly less expensive capsules, the difference is not as big as you may think.

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Ristretto is a great way to enjoy your coffee, it balances the potency and quick energy of espresso, with the softer, sweeter flavors of less intense coffees. You don’t even have to leave your house to make ristretto if you have the right machine and the right capsules, so go ahead and try it out.