Rancilio Espresso Coffee Grinder Review

Rancilio Espresso Coffee Grinder Review

A good coffee grinder can be hard to find. However, the Rancilio Espresso Coffee Grinder is one of the best grinders available. In this individual review, we'll discuss how this coffee grinder can be useful for you.

We will discuss the pros and cons of this device to help you get a better understanding. Your first coffee grinder should be made to fulfill your needs and grind the beans how you like it. We're here to show you why the Rancilio Coffee Grinder is worth your investment.

By the end of this post, you'll know if this grinder is the right one for you. You need to know what grinder is suitable to your needs before buying. We suggest that you look into the buying section if you are still confused on what makes a good coffee grinder.

Let's get onto our review!

Review – Rancilio Espresso Coffee Grinder


  • 0.65lb capacity for tinted hopper
  • 166 Watt quiet operation motor
  • ​50 mm grinding burrs
  • ​Has porta filter for simple usage
  • Grinder adjustment control


The Rancilio Espresso Coffee Grinder is one of a kind. It has a porta filter, which helps when removing excessive amounts of coffee. The grinder is inexpensive and is proven to create a high-quality cup of coffee. You can buy it on Amazon at around $400.

Upon first use, consumers noticed its quiet operation. For instance, it's soft enough to produce a sound that's under 20 dB. This makes it easier for you to continue your conversation while the grinder is in use. If you want a quiet grinder machine, then this is the right product for you.

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Another thing that we've noticed is the grinder's consistency. Espresso designed this grinder to last for up a year without the needs for repair. Because of this, it's a sturdy and consistent grinder that makes the best coffee, espressos, and lattes.

This grinder is known for having a proper RPM speed. It has an RPM of 1237, making it good for 90% of coffee recipes. It has the speed to grind up coffee beans fast and is another reason why you should look into this device.

When making coffee, you need a machine that has multiple settings. The Rancilio has over seven different settings that you can choose. The settings make it easier for users control the device to their liking. Shoppers and baristas love this coffee grinder because it helps them create coffee with ease.

Plus, consumers like this device because of its grinding capability. It's able to grind coffee beans from up to 7.7 lbs. Making it easier for you to store the extra coffee for later and is an efficient way to grind up coffee.

But, consumers reported a flaw in this device. Users complained that they were unable to add oily beans inside of the grinder. Adding oily beans will cause for the machine to jam. Don't hesitate to call for a replacement if this problem arises.

The Rancilio Espresso Coffee Grinder is a barista's best friend. Based on its design, its used for home and professional use. Buying this product will ensure that your coffee will taste perfect with your daily breakfast.

Before You Buy

Doser Or Doseless

Do you need a doser or doseless chamber? A doser is a room that is split up into sections. The sections start to rotate so each one can have a single dose of ground coffee. Making it easier to grind and make enough cups of espresso in one sitting.

Coffee aficionados like doserless chambers because they require less effort to clean. Try out a doserless chamber if you don't like the idea of your beans staying inside the machine.

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Step Vs. Stepless

Step grinders are simple to use. They have a few features and are designed strictly for coffee grinding. For those starting out, you should look into a pair of step grinders.

Stepless grinders are advanced. They have a lot of grinding settings. True coffee connoisseurs like stepless grinders because they can control the quality of their grinder.

Is Easy Access A Priority?

If you just want to make a cup of coffee without spending time cleaning up, you should invest in a blade grinder. They are known for keeping the storage capacity clean after the beans are chopped.

One thing that we like about the Rancilio Coffee Grinder is its ability to create espressos. Espressos are the most complex grinds, and you'll want a machine that can handle that. You should check out this machine if you want something that's easily accessible and fun to use in the kitchen.

Specs You Should Consider


If you're spending money on a high-end burr grinder, make sure that its settings meet or exceed your expectations. It should make fine grinds such as espresso and Turkish coffee. Also, it must make coarse grinds like the French press and the drip.

Rancilio Front View

Quiet Operation

No one wants a coffee grinder that makes too much noise. It causes distractions and can ruin your final result. Because of this, your next coffee grinder should be a quiet one. If noise is an issue, try getting a manual coffee grinder. But, you'll have to consider the extra time it will take when using one.


You don't want to get a coffee grinder that requires a brush to clean. You'll often miss certain spots hidden in the crevice of the machine. We recommend that you get a grinder that is cleaned with a damp cloth.


To conclude, we believe that the Rancilio Espresso Coffee Grinder is the best coffee grinders available. It's fast enough to cut beans efficiently while still being quiet when in use. Buying this grinder will ensure that you'll have great tasting coffee that works without failure.

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