Cup of Gourmet Coffee

What Is Gourmet Coffee?

According to any coffee lover who drinks nothing but gourmet coffee, they will tell you that this coffee is different because the beans are specially roasted in a way that brings out the full-bodied flavor that you would expect from coffee.

The process that the gourmet coffee beans go dates all the way back to the 15th century. It is during this process where the coffee gets it’s flavor and it all started by the Arabians. They used coffee to increase their country’s income, and its economic growth skyrocketed.

Many people need that extra boost that gourmet coffee provides in the morning. It isn’t uncommon to see coffee shops that offer a cup of gourmet coffee, jam packed with impatient people who are running late, but they still need to get their coffee!

cup of gourmet coffee

We asked one gentleman why he enjoys this type of coffee over the regular stuff you could get at a gas station or convenience store. He says that the coffee helps him feel stimulated and ready to face the day and everything that is thrown his direction. Pretty cool, right?

Well, according to a variety of studies from around the world, it’s been determined that gourmet coffee contains naturally occurring substance found in many plants which are called caffeine. Some analysis made on caffeine by Mayo Clinic, it’s safe for most adults to consume about 2800 milligrams of caffeine per week.

It increases the body alertness by keeping the body up; one of the noticeable effects is alertness which helps feel more awake and less tired.

One of the best things about drinking gourmet coffee is that it is known for making the heart work harder as it tends to increase it a little for easy and fast control of situations. Gourmet coffee also is said to help people reduce symptoms of depression, which could affect their social and emotionally behavior.

Gourmet coffee beans are mostly golden in color before they are roasted and processed to the desired taste of the consumer. The coffee is said to make pain relievers more 30 to 40% more active during use of cases like headaches and body pain.

Best Gourmet Coffees On The Market​

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Although there are several brands of gourmet coffees which they differ from each other by its content, taste, production and names. We can’t possibly tell you which brand is the best, simply because people’s palates are different and you may enjoy one brand over another.

Gourmet Black Coffee With 100% Organic Ganoderma Lucidum


  • Coffee
  • Ganoderma lucid
  • Ganoderma mushrooms
Gourmet Black Coffee With 100% Organic Ganoderma Lucidum


Just as the name would suggest, this is a black coffee that strives to give the drinker a very robust flavor. Every product comes with a well-off aroma and flavor of freshly brewed coffee packed with 100% organic Red Mushrooms from Ganoderma Lucidum.

Boxes of Gourmet Black Coffee With 100% Organic Ganoderma Lucidum

As we know that coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, this is why the company makes use of a strong, easy to mix coffee that is thick and flavored. Also, the Ganoderma Luscidum with a mild flavor adds a little depth to the coffee flavor. The Ganoderma mushrooms help with the provision of Amino acids and triterpenoids. They are known as adaptogens.

As you’re savoring the flavor, you’ll note that the mixing ratio determines the thickness and creamy level. So you will get a different cup of coffee each time until you find a combination you really enjoy.

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Koffe Kult – Fresh Gourmet Aromatic Artisan Blend


  • Coffee beans
  • Additives
Bag of Koffee Kult - Medium Roast Coffee Beans


If you’re looking for a medium roast coffee with a high quality and delicious flavor, this artisanal blend may be right up your alley, and at an affordable price, too.

Koffee Kult - Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Coffee is made with a high-quality blend of beans that provide a balanced flavor and has an intoxicating aroma. This brand uses a combination of the Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans that has been roasted in a way that there is no oil on beans and when it is brewed, you’ll experience a smooth flavor.

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Community Coffee Premium Ground Coffee


  • Coffee beans
  • Pecans
  • Pumpkin spice
Bag of Community Coffee Premium Ground Coffee


This is made from only the top 10% of the world’s coffee beans with a delicious hint of pumpkin spice and toasted pecans. When one of our friends reviewed the product, they said this coffee was “My Favorite Flavored Coffee” and explained that it was because of the “hearty, vaguely sweet, nutty taste.”

Community Coffee Premium Ground Coffee

The coffee is known for it's nice flavored and low acidity measures. It comes in different sizes depending on the choice of consumers. Because of the pumpkin and pecan flavors in the coffee, this is a good option during the holidays or even during the colder months.

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Tim Horton's Single Serve Coffee Cups, Premium Roast


  • Coffee beans
  • Swiss water process
  • Additives
Box of Tim Horton's Single Serve Coffee Cups


With this pack, you'll receive two types, regular gourmet coffee and decaf gourmet coffee.

All Arabica beans are decaffeinated making use of trademarked Swiss water process to reduce the acidity of the caffeine which can be harmful if in excess. However, the coffee has a special type of Orange Pekoe that gives you an almost same classic flavor, but with 100% satisfaction, you come to expect.

Tim Horton's Single Serve Coffee Cups

One reviewer said he drinks a cup of this coffee twice a day. He said “Once I have a cup of coffee before starting work, and during the mid-working hour, I feel like I already got over my stress, and I just let go of my depression leaving me with a very lively and warm environment unlike when I never heard of it.

I started drinking this product because people would complain I was too harsh, but after I've had my coffee, I feel more mellow and relaxed.” That confirms that a cup of this product in the morning could give one a great start up.

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Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee


  • Coffee beans
  • Additives
Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee 5lb bag


The Death Wish Coffee Company produces a very strong, high-caffeine coffee with low acidity which has received the title of the world strongest coffee! Death Wish carefully roasts their coffee grains to produce a clear and highly caffeinated coffee flavor. One of the reasons why consumers choose this product is to awaken their inner rebel and get a massive jolt of energy, thanks to the world’s strongest coffee.

Two 1lb Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee Bags

Consumers tend to raise their coffee standards with one sip of this bold cup of joe because they can taste the quality of the premium beans which taste fine and very smooth. Also, they note that there is a naturally sweetened taste, which masks the bitter flavors with subtle notes of cherry. It consists of a bit of chocolate flavor which gives it a better taste when sipping down.

The greatest deal rendered by this product is the assurance of the 100% satisfaction which you will get after drinking a cup of this coffee, the company guarantees your money back if it is not the strongest coffee one will ever have.

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Hawaii Roaster Kona Gourmet Coffee


  • Hawaii coffee beans
  • Peaberry
  • Flavor (lemon and blueberry)
Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee


As it, the name implies Kona coffee which is known as one of the world’s most different and special coffee with the title of the best fresh coffee producer. It holds on to the title of being been the only one grown the only seed of the Kona coffee which can only be found on a farm located on the Island of Hawaii on the Golden Kona Coast.

Therefore it is regarded as a special gourmet coffee because they make use of a top grade (meaning the largest) beans that are packed with flavor. The Peaberry Kona Coffee gives the gourmet coffee a very special taste. All the coffees are 100% pure Kona Coffee, unlike some brands that will add lesser quality beans in the mix.

5 pack of Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee

The production systems are quite unique which yields a very low acidic measures, and all production units are well sanitized. When it comes to the one with the best bagging and packaging products, Kona Gourmet Coffee are one of the best with the good bagging system.

All beans are carefully selected using the local way of the human effort and labor which is hand picking of beans. They are sun-dried and roasted by professionals who ensure no beans are burnt. Incredible aspect is the Micro-roasting at the sustainable farm in little divisions to ensure the maximum freshness.

A review of one of its consumer who stays in Hawaii said he tried to check out the best coffee brand, who sell the thickest blend which is 100% real coffee and he discovered that it was only Kona Gourmet Coffee that satisfied all his needs.

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee


  • Coffee


This is one of the African brands of Coffee products which packaged and bagged with a burlap bag farm. It is a special type of coffee which is known as a grade green unroasted specialty coffee with a very unique taste when sipping, though it comes with different sizes depending on choice.

Reviews based on consumers can tell one what to expect if you are just trying this product. It has this juicy taste which lightens up one's world when sipping. It also floral when it comes to it looks and tastes. One would probably think of something not just floral but also have hints of blueberry and lemon.


Transporting of goods seems to be faster and cheaper. Talking about its origin, based on the name which seems to be having the keyword Ethiopia. One can easily say it comes from Africa which Africa is best known for its good soil and large farming sectors. The beans are sealed in a foil craft bag which is found in the Burlap Bag, makes it easy and convenient for easy storage.

Since it comes in fresh and green seeds, for easy roasting to desired taste procedures has been imprinted on the back of the bag with detailed roasting tutorials which are available. Buying with confidence is what they ask as they guarantee a full satisfaction. They are known to be the award winner of the coffee supplier with the best grade.

The company shares that the beans are carefully selected by an importer specialist who has a good number of years in working with the coffee industry. Most say when the fresh coffee just got out of the roaster it comes up with a very good and amazing smell which makes one feel so alive, and it burst with a full flavor.

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​Bottom Line

Roasting of one’s coffee makes it looks like an extremely rewarding experience because when you do it yourself, you can always roast to your taste and get what you want.

cup of hot courmet coffee next to coffee beans

If you’ve experienced drinking of a cup of coffee that makes you feel like you could probably have a lot more. However, maybe you would like to make some adjustments to it to your taste to suit your preferred flavor profile, for example, you like it a little darker? Or you prefer a bit increase in the acidity or probably less?

You know the choices are only restricted by your imagination, and how crafted you can coax those flavors from their hiding places present in the bean during the roasting process.

Other Gourmet Coffee Products

Here are a couple products that go well with your gourmet coffee!​

Premium Gourmet Coffee Maker

Almost everyone loves an easy life where you just grab a cup without a whole lot of effort. All this can be achieved using just pushing a button. That’s it. Well, more or less, since you actually have to put water into the machine, as well as the coffee grounds.

By using a gourmet coffee maker, you can have delicious gourmet coffee anytime you want, without having to deal with those long lines, stuffy hipsters, and risk having your order be wrong! Who wouldn’t want to skip all of that?

SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz)

All that aside, the greatest thing about these machines is that this you can have one at home and then one in the office (although you’ll probably be stuck making more pots throughout the day. Most coffee lovers especially love the convenience of making a gourmet coffee at home and then taking it with them on those long car rides.

There are plenty of brands that offer quality gourmet coffee makers, some of which include:

  • Alterra coffee roasters
  • Barcaffe
  • ​Baristas
  • ​Bewley’s
  • Café Britt
  • Franck
  • IIy
  • The J.M. Smucker Company

…and much more.

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler

A great way to show someone you care is by giving them something that they will enjoy—especially if that something has anything to do with coffee! More and more people are turning to coffee variety packs, not just as gifts, but for their own personal use, because it’s always fun to try something new, right?

  • Fresh roasted coffee
  • Personalized gift note
  • 4 handpicked roasts
  • Specialty whole bean
Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler - 12-Month Gift Subscription


It consists of different flavor which suits the most taste of people who are looking for something new. The pack is most customized with different drawings and inscription depending on the choice of wants. The ultimate coffee gift customized to meet the required tastes of you or your loved ones.

By giving a loved one a gourmet coffee sampler pack, you’re feeding their passion for coffee, but you’re also giving them the chance to branch out and try new flavors. You can’t go wrong with this sampler pack.

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Coffee is known to be the world’s largest and famous beverage which is known for its medicinal and refreshment purpose. Health specialist recommends coffee drinking five times a week to help reduce depression during tough situations. If you need a good pick-me-up in the morning to get you through the rest of your day, any one of these gourmet coffee options can certainly provide you with that!