Cuisinart Auto Drip Coffee Maker on a Kitchen Counter

6 Steps To Get The Best From A Coffee Maker

There are several ways in which coffee can be brewed, but coffee brewed with an auto drip Cuisinart coffee maker is simply the best. The auto drip works great because there aren't any hassles associated with it. The automatic functionality of the device makes it the most preferred type of coffee makers for home and offices.

The auto drip coffee maker can work well for you if you have some of the ideas that will make it work to its best performances. This will be discussed in this writes up.

Cuisinart Coffeemaker on a Kitchen Counter

In this article, we are going to go through the six steps of creating a great cup of coffee when you use an auto drip coffee maker. We will touch on things like:

  • The Bean
  • The Grind
  • ​The Water
  • ​The Serve
  • ​The Clean-up

Excited? Let’s get started then, shall we?

1. Get A Fresh Bean

The coffee maker is just a device it cannot feel taste and flavor. For this reason, it’s best that you to choose fresh beans so that you can get the best flavor. If you have an excellent roaster around you; It would be a great option that you get your coffee from them because you have a better chance of having beans that provide you with a fresh and full bodied flavor.

If you cannot go to a roaster, you might have to purchase a pre-roasted bean, which isn’t ideal because the very nature of coffee is that it has the tendency to go stale very quickly. If that is the case, make sure that you look at the roasting date so that you get a coffee that is fresh and sweet.

roasting specialty coffee beans

Don’t be shy to ask about the best roast coffee for an auto drip machine from the sellers. They will able to guide you to the roast that might work better with less flavor lost. The most coffee shops can give you advice like going for a medium roast.

2. Get The Right Grind For Fast Brewing Time

Coffee extracts have a unique flavor and aroma when they undergo a process that is called “extraction.” This process occurs when water at a high temperature is passed on the ground beans. This process is critical because the quick passage of water will cause a delicate flavor and slower passage of water will cause a bitter flavor.

The speed of the passage of water is determined by the coarseness of the beans in which they are ground, as well as the type of filter to used. For these reasons, it will be good to get the filter and grind right because that will determine the aroma, flavor, and tastes of the coffee. These are the type of filters and sizes to be used:

  • Flat bottom Cuisinart coffee maker filters: bean to be grounded to texture of sand (Medium)
  • Cone shaped Cuisinart filters: beans to be grounded to sugar texture.
  • Gold and plastic permanent filters: Medium texture.
Ground Coffee on Coffee Beans

It might take some time and practice to get the ground logic, but you need to know the filters determine the types of grind.

3. Use Water With The Right Ratio

A cup of coffee consists of water and the coffee brew. The quality of water used during brewing is very essential. For people whose water supply doesn’t have the best flavor, there are filters for the water so that it doesn’t change the natural taste of the coffee

It also is noted that water coffee ratio needs to be determined so that there will be a perfect taste to the coffee. From experimenting over the years, we find that 1 to 2 teaspoons of coffee is ok for 8 ounces of water. So try different amount of mix ratio until you come to find the best flavor that you like.

4. Best Temperature

The temperature that the coffee maker brews coffee also determines the quality of the coffee. Most coffees brewed at home, the office or even in hotels aren’t perfect because the coffee isn’t allowed to reach required temperature. The standard temperature that coffee should be brewed at ranges between 195 to 205 degree Fahrenheit—temperatures that most Cuisinart coffee makers cannot reach, safely.

Cup of hot coffee on an old wooden table.

For you to reach something that is remotely close to that temperature, you will first have to use the boiling water for some time so the machine can get to that high temperature and then the water is poured out and replaced by the brew. By doing this, you have a better chance of reaching the necessary temperature.

5. Removal Of Pot From Heating Element

After you have brewed your coffee, then all you have to do is pour it out of the pot and into an insulated container, as the continuous heat from the warming plate might make the brew bitter. You can go one step further by buying a coffee maker that pours directly into a carafe because they are heating element free.

6. Cleaning Of The Coffee Maker

After you’re finished serving your coffee, you should do a routine cleaning of the pot so that you won’t be getting the stale taste of yesterday’s coffee in the new brew. The whole system should be cleaned at least once in a month to prevent stains. Also, be sure to wipe away any form of dirt attached to the device.

Cleaning Coffee Maker in the Kitchen


In conclusion, each step discussed will help you have a great brew of coffee. Each one of these steps discussed might seem complex, but most of them will be done in 20 to 60 seconds! After some time with your machine, you will have discovered some tricks along the way and get used to the swing of things.

As I have said in the first paragraph that coffee maker is the best for home and office based on the functionality it possesses. So get one of the Cuisinart coffee makers today and change your brewing experience and enjoy your quality coffee.