Creative Gift Ideas For The Ones You Love

Creative Gift Ideas For The Ones You Love

Although there are countless ways of showing someone that you appreciate them than just saying, ”Thank you” or “I love you,” I can’t help but forget when I saw someone receive a brilliantly thoughtful gift at work.

A lady in the office next to me had someone come to her office and delivered a beautifully decorated box. I was intrigued and needed to know what was inside that box!

I watched him carefully hand the box to the lady, and I was able to overhear him say to her, “I know that I can't express to you enough how much I love and care for you. But, I hope that with this little gift it will be a small indication of the feelings I have towards you.”

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Coffee Lovers Care Package Gift Box

As soon as I was able, I asked my co-worker the name of the company that made the box. I’d decided right then and there I was going to get it for two special people in my life who absolutely adored coffee—my wife and my mom, just to show them how much I loved and cared for them.

Art Of Appreciation Gift Basket Coffee Lovers’ Care Gift Box​

After doing a bit of research (and drinking a couple cups of coffee), I was able to find the Art of Appreciation Gift Basket Coffee Lovers’ Care Gift Box. It’s a great gift box someone would probably send to their loved ones to show how much someone loves them.

This gift box is made by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets, a well-specialized firm for making and packing of gift items. Inside the box, you’ll find lots of different things such as:

  • Premium Columbian Coffee
  • Butterscotch coffee
  • ​Columbian coffee
  • ​Dark chocolate
  • ​Wafer cookies
  • ​A cute coffee mug
  • …and so much more

Each gift box is packed with these items, so if you purchase several boxes to give people in the office or in your family, you don’t have to worry about someone getting different products. Whenever you give these gifts, you can take stock in knowing that the company packages each one with care, so every recipient’s box is going to look amazing.

The amount of care and detail the company puts into each box is amazing. You can even make the box a little more special by including a special note, just specify the additional note when you are checking out.

Closed Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Coffee Lovers Care Package Gift Box
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Perhaps the best thing about these gift boxes is that they can be shipped anywhere once you’ve placed your order, and it’ll arrive in no time.

The coffee included in the box is one-pot packets of Gavina premium coffee, which is high-quality coffee that many enjoy.


Showing appreciation to someone that you love is an essential thing in maintaining close relationships with the people you love. If you’re at a loss of what you can get a coffee lover in your life to show them that you care, I fully suggest looking into purchasing one of these gift baskets.