A Great Mix: 6 Things You Should Know About Coffee Cocktails

A Great Mix: 6 Things You Should Know About Coffee Cocktails

If you are looking to add a little extra something to your coffee, a coffee cocktail would be an excellent choice. Coffee cocktails are fantastic drinks that are quite popular throughout Europe. While they may be less common in North America, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a coffee cocktail just because of where you live.

What Is A Coffee Cocktail?

A coffee cocktail is an alcoholic beverage that is made with coffee as the main ingredient. A coffee cocktail is an excellent way to ensure that your drink is delicious and energizing at the same time. Depending on the type of coffee cocktail you would like to make, it can be more on the sweet side or more bitter. It is entirely up to you, and there is certainly a coffee cocktail for everyone's individual tastes.

Hot Coffee Cocktails

One kind of coffee cocktail is a hot coffee cocktail. These types of cocktails, as evidenced by the name, are made with hot coffee. This is an excellent choice for when you need to warm up on a cold day, or you do not want to wait for your coffee to cool off before you make your coffee cocktail.

Coffee Cocktails With Hot Coffee

After all, it can get a little annoyingly lengthy waiting for your coffee to cool down in the refrigerator before you can make your drink.

The only potential downside to drinking hot coffee cocktails is that they will typically be less suitable for warm days where the hot coffee can make you feel even warmer. This is a somewhat minor downside, and it is up to you to decide when it would be optimal to have a hot coffee cocktail or an iced coffee cocktail instead.

Iced Coffee Cocktails

Iced coffee cocktails are another type of cocktail that is quite easily understood just by hearing the name. They are coffee cocktails which feature a hefty amount of ice to ensure that your drink is crisp and refreshing for every sip. Unfortunately, these types of cocktails typically take a little more preparation time than hot coffee cocktails as you must wait for your coffee to cool off.

Coffee Cocktails With Iced Coffee

The only case where this is not an issue is if you are making cold brew coffee cocktails. A cold brew coffee maker will make your coffee without heating it up. This is ideal for when you are attempting to make an iced coffee cocktail without the inconvenience of having to wait for it to cool off in the refrigerator.

Iced coffee cocktails are a perfect drink for a hot day when you just need to cool off. They are incredibly refreshing, and you will not regret making one during the sweltering summer months. Iced coffee cocktails can either be done with blended ice or whole ice cubes, depending on the drink that you are making.

What Is Calypso Coffee?

Calypso coffee tends to be more of a catch-all term for a variety of coffee liqueur cocktails. They can often be made with a combination of Irish cream coffee and Tia Maria, which is a rather delicious combination of two creamy forms of liqueur. Irish cream highly compliments the flavor of Tia Maria, which is a liquor that is made with coffee.

What Is Calypso Coffee

The ingredients of Tia Maria include rum, vanilla, and Jamaican coffee beans, contributing to a unique taste and consistency of Tia Maria. It is very commonly used while making either cocktails and sometimes even desserts due to its sweetness.

Simple Coffee Cocktails

There are many choices for when you want to make a simple coffee cocktail. Not every coffee cocktail has to be incredibly complicated to be enjoyed. These simple cocktails which embody the mentality that "less is more" tend to be easier to make for beginners and they won't tend to overwhelm you with flavor so you can better enjoy the coffee without the addition of plenty of other ingredients.

Some of the most commonly known and simple coffee cocktails include Irish coffee, vodka coffee, coffee martinis, B-51 shots, and a large variety of another simple, and easy to make drinks. You do not have to make a fancy drink for it to taste good, all you need to do is maintain the proper proportions of ingredients for your drinks.

How To Make Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is perhaps the most famous of all coffee flavored cocktails. Whenever someone mentions coffee cocktails, the vast majority of people will think of Irish coffee, and with good reason, as Irish coffee is one of the most delicious coffee cocktails that you can make. The best part about Irish coffee is that it is also very simple to make, so you don't have to worry about a complicated preparation process.

How To Make Irish Coffee

Irish coffees are coffee and whiskey cocktails which are made by adding sugar, Irish whiskey and a hefty serving of cream to your coffee. It is up to you whether you prefer to add whipped cream or regular cream, but the original recipe calls for the usual cream to be used instead. Regardless of your choice, Irish coffee tends to be a delicious way to warm up on a cold night.


Irrespective of whether you prefer to drink your coffee cocktail as iced or still hot, sweet or bitter, it is certainly an excellent way to drink coffee and add a little more of a kick to it. Coffee cocktails are known by many different names depending on their common ingredients; these names include calypso coffee, monks coffee, coffee cocktails and a whole host of different names that it starts to get a little confusing.

Regardless of the name, if you combine your favorite liqueur with coffee in the hopes of making a fantastic cocktail, the odds are that you will not be disappointed. Whether you like coffee cocktails with rum or you prefer coffee brandy, it is certainly a delicious way to drink coffee, and you should certainly try making coffee cocktails if you never have before.