The Health Effects Of Coffee

The Health Effects Of Coffee

It’s arguably the most popular drink in the world, and each country and region enjoy it in their own special way, but besides tasting amazing there are actually many health benefits to be had from drinking coffee that most people aren’t aware of.

Just a few cups of coffee each day can have amazing benefits for your body and mind, but it’s not just as simple as making yourself a big pot of instant coffee each day and reaping the rewards. Everything from how much coffee you drink to the quality of the brew can determine just how beneficial it is for you.

Although there are many health benefits to be had from coffee, there is also the danger of drinking too much. Caffeine in excess amounts can have negative effects on your mental and physical state, so it’s essential to understand exactly what is in these drinks that can do you either the world of good or a lot of harm.

What Is In Coffee?

When you hear the word coffee you assume that all beans were created equally, and coffee refers simply to these ground up beans mixed with hot water.

Pouring chocolate sprinkles on coffe

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The scale for good quality coffee is quite large, and with a coffee shortage taking place around the world, it’s more common than ever for the cheaper varieties to add a range of fillers.

These fillers have been intended to stretch the pure coffee even further, so although you might think you’re getting a good deal on your $1 cup of coffee or cheap beans for your espresso machine, you’re actually paying for a lot of byproducts.

This is why it’s essential to choose something pure and usually a little more expensive, as you’re paying for a quality product.

Cheaper coffee beans have been found to include sticks, dirt, wheat, rice, beans, and soy, all depending on where it came from and how quickly it was harvested.

These usually come from the picking stage where little care is given to remove any excess items. The more you pay for your coffee, though, the less likely you are to find any of these fillers.

Health Benefits Of Coffee

When you drink a quality cup of coffee, there’s no end to just how your body and mind can benefit. Countless studies have been done to show just how beneficial coffee is, compared to how it used to be viewed as something dangerous for our bodies.

Here are just a few ways your body and mind can benefit from a 1-3 cups of quality coffee each day:

Reduced Risk Of Diseases

The number of diseases and illnesses that coffee can reduce is astounding, with everything from cancers to Parkinson’s diseases included.

Cup of coffee with a chalked out heartbeat on a blackboard

Coffee targets different areas of our bodies and mind in separate ways, and just a few cups a day can reduce your chance of these diseases by up to 25% compared to the non-coffee drinker.

Increased Energy

Usually the number one reason why people drink coffee, this amazing drink is known to give you a burst of energy in the body and mind. People report feeling energized, strong, and focused once they’ve had their morning cup of coffee and it’s the reason why so many start their day with a cup or two.

Improved Mood

There are certain areas in your brain which are targeted when you drink coffee, including adenosine receptors. These are responsible for dopamine which gives us arousal, pleasure, and thinking.

This is the reason why many people feel so good when they have a quality cup of coffee, and liken it to a drug addiction.

Dangers Of Too Much Caffeine

Although there are many benefits to be had from drinking coffee, there also some potential health risks if you consume too much. Usually, these occur from drinking cheaper and more readily available coffee as there’s no limit to how much you can consume.

Although the amount differs depending on the source, there’s a general consensus among health professionals that anything over four cups in a day is considered too much. Although, different people react differently to these amounts so you may need to take into account your general consumption.

Woman pouring cup of coffee while yawning

The effects of drinking too much coffee can be felt both physically and mentally, and possible symptoms of having too much caffeine include a migraine headache, nausea, heart palpitations, anxiety, stomach upset, and irritability.

Particularly if you drink caffeine too close to bedtime, there’s a very high chance you won’t be able to get to sleep.

Breastfeeding and pregnant women are also warned not to drink more than one or two cups a day as it can have a negative effect on their children, both in the womb and through their breastmilk.

Even if you don’t fall into any special medical category, some people are more sensitive to caffeine so should avoid more than a cup or two a day was well.

The Benefits Of Superior Coffee

To truly reap the benefits of coffee in your body and mind, you should always opt for a superior blend or grind. Although it might be tempting to reach for the instant coffee or save some money by using cheaper grinds, there are many known and unknown fillers in these.

True lovers of coffee will be happy to spend a little more for a superior product, and when compared to the cost of purchasing an espresso every day from your local coffee house, it pays to invest in quality beans.

Not only will your health thank you for it, but your taste buds will be glad that you put a little more effort into choosing an excellent blend.