A Look At The Best Geisha Coffee Out There

A Look At The Best Geisha Coffee Out There

When discussing the origins of Geisha coffee, the only way you can grow this coffee is by following a strict set of environmental and weather conditions. Regions that normally endure heavy rainfall feature temperatures ranging from 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and contain nutrient-heavy soil are your best bet for growing Geisha Coffee.

Geisha Coffee first hailed from a village in Ethiopia that goes by the name Gesha, which you can see was an inspiration for the name of this coffee.

Coffee farmers realized that the Boquete region, which is an area in between Costa Rica and Panama, provides the identical environmental settings that made growing Geisha coffee possible.

If you’re looking to buy Geisha coffee that features flavors that closely resemble how it should taste, then you can’t go wrong buying Geisha Coffee grown in Costa Rica or Panama.

Here are out recommendations:

Best Geisha Coffee Winner: Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee

Even though Volcanica Coffee isn't a brand name coffee like ones you may find at a supermarket, you shouldn't expect it to not deliver in regards to quality and taste. Being a specialty importer of exotic coffee beans, Volcanica dedicates its time to locating the optimal volcanic regions to roast and produce coffee.


  • 100& Pure Geisha Coffee
  • Notes of Lavender, Molasses, & Cocoa
  • Slight Acidity
  • Consists of a Medium Body
  • Silky Texture
  • Medium Roasted
  • Low Caffeine Content
  • Freshly Roasted
  • Comes in a Vacuum Sealed Bag
  • Available in One Size: Whole Bean

Breaking It Down

Here are details about the product:

Ideal Farm Location

Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be a coffee aficionado, you won’t be disappointed with what Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee has to offer. Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee is a single origin coffee that hails from a farm located in a small district in the southern part of Costa Rica.

In fact, the Coffea Divera Estate is extremely close to the Panamanian border, which is good news since it's well known that Panama has the ideal environmental conditions to grow Geisha Coffee Beans. This means you'll be paying less for a coffee that tastes identical to some of the most expensive Geisha Coffee Beans out there.

Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee

Source: amazon.com



After you brew your cup of Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee, right when you take your first sip you’ll notice the silky yet creamy consistency that’s similar to certain Colombian coffees.

If you prefer a full body flavor when it comes to your coffee, Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee is loaded with unique flavors that ensure a one of a kind sensory experience. You’ll notice the hints of black tea, lavender, bergamot, and molasses, which are flavors you’d never think you would taste in a cup of coffee.

A lot of avid coffee drinkers typically compare Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee to a top-tier Earl Grey tea since both feature a rare floral nature that can be enjoyed with or without milk and sugar.

You can comfortably sit back and enjoy a cup of Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee first thing in the morning or even as your afternoon pick me up since it contains considerably less caffeine than most coffees.

If you’ve never had a cup of Geisha Coffee, the company Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee will ensure a great experience.

Best Geisha Coffee Runner Up: Limitless Coffee Geisha Coffee

Limitless Coffee came into existence from the mind of an individual who had already made a name for himself in the food industry when he released Quest Protein Bar for mass consumption. Even though protein bars aren't anywhere similar to gourmet coffee, the ethical standards regarding the production process never change.


  • Authentic Super Premium Whole Bean Geisha Coffee
  • Certified to adhere to Direct Trade Coffee standards
  • Consists of Wet Washed Coffee Beans
  • Uses Air Roasting Process 
  • Contains no GMO’s
  • Certified Organic & Kosher
  • Free of Gluten
  • Available in Two Sizes: Whole Bean & Ground

Breaking it Down

Here are details about the product:

Unique Farm Selection Process

Since Limitless Coffee follows the guidelines set by Direct Trade Coffee, the brand goes out of its way to locate farms around the world that only utilize organic farming practices.

In regards to Limitless Coffee Geisha Coffee, the company has found a small farm located just outside the city of Medellin, which is good news since Colombia provides the ideal environmental conditions to grow Geisha Coffee beans.

Since the extremely rare Geisha plant solely exists in countries that are known to feature high-elevations as well as a tropical climate, you can see how the Limitless Coffee Geisha Coffee you’ll be drinking is of the highest quality.

Limitless Coffee Geisha Coffee

Source: limitlesscoffee.com


Wet Washing Process

Limitless Coffee prides itself in locating farms that provide Geisha Coffee beans that have been properly wet washed, which is a process that not all coffee roasters prioritize.

For those who are new to the world of coffee, when a roaster says its beans have been wet washed, all that means is that the coffee beans have been plucked straight off the coffee tree. Then the farmers immediately rinse the beans with fresh water, and continue to de-pulp and soak the beans overnight.

As you can see, wet washing is an extensive process that pays off in the end since it ensures coffee beans that are almost entirely free of contaminants that ruin a coffee's overall flavor.

Air Roasting Process

After the wet washed coffee beans make their way over to the Limitless Coffee Roastery located in Chicago, the air roasting process begins.

Limitless Coffee utilizes an air roaster to effectively remove additional contaminants as well as the chaff that's responsible for a coffee that tastes harsh and bitter. Coffees that are traditionally roasted typically feature this harsh and bitter flavor, which is the complete opposite of the taste of Limitless Coffee Geisha Coffee.

To break it down even further, air roasting can enhance the flavor of coffee since it eliminates the smoke and carbonization that usually burns and leaves imprints on all the other coffee beans. This means that Limitless Coffee Geisha Coffee is genuinely a premium quality coffee that you need to try.

Best Geisha Coffee Alternative: Panama Auromar Geisha Coffee

Panama Auromar provides one of the best tasting Geisha coffees available that comes from one of the most expensive coffee farms in existence that is known to grow top-tier Geisha coffee plants.


  • 100% Natural Panamanian Geisha Coffee
  • Dry-Processed
  • Single-Origin Coffee
  • Available in One Size: Eight Ounce Bag
  • Coffee Review Magazine: 94 out of 100
  • Coffee of The Year Winner: 2014 & 2015

Breaking it Down

Here are details about the product:


For those who want to see fireworks when they taste a cup of coffee, Panama Auromar Geisha Coffee features a delicate balance of sweet, rich flavors that will leave you wondering as to why you haven’t been drinking this coffee your whole life.

In regards to both aroma and flavor, a cup of Panama Auromar Geisha Coffee will introduce a blend of honey, cocoa, roses, as well as grapefruit zest that will leave an excellent taste in your mouth even after you're done drinking an entire up.

When it comes to texture and consistency, you should expect to feel Panama Auromar Geisha Coffee light, and syrup-like, which comes in handy for those who prefer to drink cold brew coffee since this consistency delivers the optimal tasting cold brew.

Panama Auromar Geisha Coffee pic

Source: amazon.com


Dry Processed Beans

The previous Geisha Coffee we mentioned above was made with beans that had been wet washed, but keep in mind that wet washing coffee beans aren't the only way you can process them.

In fact, Panama Auromar stands apart from its competitors since it doesn’t wet wash its Geisha Coffee beans, but uses an entirely different roasting process that is considered to be the natural version.

The use of the dry processing method means that the coffee beans were dried inside the fruit, which is known to preserve more of the natural flavors of the bean itself. The wet washing process differs since the beans get dried once the fruit has been peeled back and removed, which increases the chance of contamination.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Geisha Coffee

There are some details that you should pay attention to when choosing your geisha coffee.

Is It Organic?

Depending on the Geisha Coffee for sale as well as the company that’s selling it, only then can you determine whether or not the coffee you’re drinking is organic. Geisha Coffee that’s been certified organic consists of beans that are grown and roasted adhering to standards set in stone by Direct Trade Coffee.

organic geisha coffee

Limitless Coffee Geisha Coffee is the only organic Geisha coffee reviewed above that you can choose from if that’s a requirement on your part.

Caffeine Content

For those who don't prefer a lot of caffeine with their cup of coffee, you're in luck since Geisha Coffee contains 30% less caffeine than your standard cup of coffee. More specifically, instead of receiving 70 milligrams of caffeine in a single serving, with Geisha coffee, you receive about 54 milligrams.

Caffeine in geisha coffee

You might be surprised to hear that a 16-milligram caffeine content difference can massively alter as to how your body reacts. This is especially true if you're sensitive to caffeine.


You can now consider yourself somewhat of a coffee expert when it comes to buying the best Geisha Coffee since you have all the necessary information in regards to Geisha Coffee.

Feel free to use the reviewed Geisha Coffee as a foundation to go ahead and explore what other Geisha Coffee brands have to offer. Keep in mind that our winner, Volcanica Gourmet Geisha Coffee, is your best bet since Geisha Coffee is extremely rare to find, to begin with.