How To Become A Barista

How To Become A Barista

When you consider that Americans drink on average 3.1 cups of coffee a day, is it any wonder baristas are among some of the most wanted professionals in the world?

Not only do we enjoy a well-crafted cup of coffee in this country, but coffee is enjoyed by cafes and restaurants all over the world.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a barista or are just learning the term now, you might be a bit confused about what exactly this job entails.

Man pulling a shot of esspresso

Although you’re brewing people cups of coffee, there’s a lot more to this role than you might think. Baristas are considered artists, chefs, and passionate creators, as there’s so much to know and learn about making the perfect coffee.

For those who are considering their next career move as a barista, you’ll be happy to know just how thriving this industry is.

With jobs available all over the world and a universal love of coffee appreciated by all nations, there’s never been a better time to embrace this exciting role and turn it into a lifelong passion.

What Does A Barista Do?

You might have seen a barista working at your local Starbucks or similar coffee house in America, but the term barista actually comes from the Italian word for bartender.

Not to be confused with a customer service employee or server, the barista’s sole responsibility is creating the perfect coffee for their customers that meets their requirements and tastes.

A barista usually operates an espresso machine which is extremely technical to learn, and creating the perfect espresso can take many years to get right.

There’s everything to consider from the grind amount to types of beans, water temperature, milk frothing and more. All of these need to come together to create the perfect coffee which can be an extremely difficult task when you have the requirements of many customers on top of it.

Barista steaming milk in a coffee shop

A huge part of the barista role is creativity, so this position suits someone that has an artistic flair. Baristas should be able to not only have their coffees tasting like perfection, but have them adorned with art or fancy designs.

Baristas might also consider themselves performance artists, as similar to bartenders it can be quite a treat watching them create their signature beverage.

To become a barista, you usually have to undertake some form of educational training along with practical work experience in a coffee house.

This is certainly a role that takes time and patience to perfect, as you need to know everything from different coffee roasts to how to create the perfect pattern on top of a cappuccino.

A Growing Industry

When you look at the statistics of luxury coffee houses in the United States, you’ll understand why the barista profession is now more in demand than ever.

Although many people still enjoy their coffee at home and even attempt to recreate the barista quality espressos had in coffee shops, a whopping 94% of people say they still drink at luxury coffee houses occasionally.

In 2016, the National Coffee Association published a study about America’s relationship with coffee and found that consumers spent $19.3 billion in coffee houses in just one year.

Girl stirring cup of coffee on the balcony

With this amount increasing steadily over recent years, there’s never been a better time to learn how to become a barista and develop these skills for yourself.

Not only are there plenty of jobs for baristas in this country, but this is a universal skill that you can take with you all around the world. The barista is an important role in cafes, bars, and restaurants, and one that will never go out of style, so this is a career that will always be in high demand.

How To Become A Barista

If you’re serious about becoming a barista and have a deep love for making the perfect coffee, there are a couple of different ways to go about it.

The first is by studying a course, and there are plenty available here in America, to learn exactly how to make the perfect espresso. You’ll also be taught customer service skills and the artistry involved in making coffee, so it can prepare you for the real world.

The other way to become a barista is with practice, which could be offered up by training during a job or with free work experience.

If you’re interested in learning, you could enquire at your local cafes and restaurant about possible positions and let them know you’re willing to help out for free if it means you’ll receive on the job training.

Barista serving coffee to a customer

This is a career which requires constant learning and adapting, as you must adapt to trends in the world of coffee and learn about new techniques and roasts that become available.

No day is ever the same as a barista, and you’ll become a loved figure in your local café once you learn how to perfect everybody’s morning coffee.

Your Next Career Move

For those who are truly passionate about coffee, and believe it belongs in their dream career, learning how to become a barista is the best thing to do.

The term professional barista didn’t exactly exist until around the 1980s, however this position has now developed into something which attracts creative, hardworking, and dedicated professionals.

Although there’s no official training course required to become a barista, it is a skill that is learned over years of hard work and patience. With such a huge focus on coffee houses in America and the rest of the world at the moment, baristas have never been in such high demand before.

Best of all, coffee will never go out of style and nor will the amazing artists who create them so perfectly.